Sightseeing regulations
Update: 14/12/2013 01:58:18
In conformity with the Cultural Heritage Law issued on July 12, 2002 by the Vietnamese Government, visitors to Hue historic sites are kindly requested to follow the guidelines:

1. Purchase entrance tickets before entering historic sites. For the convenience of the ticket check, each person must present his/ her own ticket at the entry.

2. Read carefully sanitation, security and fire prevention regulations.

3. Do not carry explosives, inflammables, poisonous substances or weapons.

4. Wear polite costume and be quiet in palaces and solemn places. Photographing and videotaping in the interior of palaces are not allowed.

5. No smoking in palaces, pine tree areas and other inflammable places.

6. Do not pick flowers or twigs, hunt or draw on historical relics.

7. Do not lie, sit on or touch artifacts.

8. Riders on vehicles are requested to get off, stop the engines, and take off sunglasses and masks (if any) for security check and specific directions.