Update: 06/03/2014 03:59:33
1. Counsel the board of managers about financial and economic matters affecting the Center.
2. Operate the financial systems, m,aintain records to monitor the assets of each department.
3. Assign officers to control the financial activities and assets of each department in the Center.
4. Publish the financial activities of every department by monthly report to the board of managers (on the first day of each month) so that the board can adjust and supplement the plan in a timely manner to ensure the fulfillment of the whole Center’s plan.
5. Supervise the implementation of annual plans.
6. Check and manage the financial activities of both internal and foreign affairs of the Center and maintain all documents and accounts.
7. Comply with all regulations and masnage reasonable payments for each departmental plan of the Center, require all departments to follow the financial regulations of government.
8. Prevent overpayments; inform the board of managers of any occurrences and suggest solutions if the problem arise.
9. Regulate the system of tourist ticketing; deliveri tickets, record numbers of issued tickets, collect money to submit to authorities the following day.
10. Work with the staff in charge of the Finance Service and Prices, and prepare periodic, quarterly and annual balances.
11. Advise on the short-term and long-term plans for the Center to submit the board of manager for approval and submission to higher authorities.
12. Supervise the implement ation plans of the Center.
13. Prepare and submit monthly, quarterly and annual reports to the board of managers.