Thua Thien Hue joined the auction about the two antiques of Nguyen dynasty in France
Update: 08/10/2014 05:28:05
On June 13, 2014, at Chateau de Cheverny (Republic of France), there was the auction about the antiques. In this occasion, there were two antiques belonging to Nguyen dynasty: one bed (1,000 EU initially), and a cart (2,000 EU initially).

According to the auction organizers, those were Thanh Thai emperor’s bed and his mother’s cart. As reflected in the auction document, those antiques belonged to Mr Prosper Jourdan (the chief guardian in the royal palace of the time), and now to his next generations.

In the auction taken place at Rouillac in France, the Vietnam Embassy in France assigned people to directly follow and join the auction. As reported of Hue representatives (representative of Vietnam Embassy in France) at the auction, the price of the bed was elevated so strongly that Hue representatives could not afford to buy. Finally, the bed was sold 100,000 EU (apart from 24% for the auction fee). This information was confirmed at www.

With the cart, right after the representative of Hue bargained with the highest price (45,000 EU) and could manage to buy it, Ms Katia Mollet, the one who was in charge of displaying at the Guimet Asian Art Museum (Paris), declared that France government would suggest to buy this cart with that price in name of the “buying priority” of the host country.

The France government would declare that the Guimet Asian Art Museum get the “buying priority” to buy this cart within 15 days dated from the auction.

In the current trend, the antiques as well as many other tangible and intangible heritages need preserving and enhancing in the authentic environments. Thus, bringing home those antiques is very significant. Presently, Vietnam has made great efforts to persuade so that Vietnam can buy and bring the cart back home for the Vietnamese cultural heritage preservation.

About the bed, Mr Ta Van Quang, a relative of Thanh Thai emperor, bought it and wished to return this bed back Vietnam. The Center contacted with Mr Ta Van Quang, but has yet to be officially replied. However, with this good will, the bed may have a great chance to come back Vietnam. During this time, Vietnam has “struggled” to bring the cart home-Hue ancient capital city.  

Phuoc Hai/translated by Y Nhi