The inauguration of the Left Subordinate Hhouse of The To Temple - Hue Imperial City
Update: 07/05/2015 08:12:19
In the morning of April 27, 2015, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre and the Central Building Technology Deployment Center carried out the inauguration of the Left Subordinate House of The To Temple-Hue Imperial City after the restoration. Besides, the worshipping name tablets and altars of the contributive mandarins of Nguyen dynasty that had been placed here were ceremonially set.

The "Preservation and Restoration of the Left Subordinate House of The To Temple-Hue Imperial City" was started on February 13, 2014; and its execution was completed on December 31, 2014. Later, some other concerning activities were carried out to restore the original function of the construction (the worshipping palanquin, the altar, the worshipping tools, the table keeping the ceremonial offerings, the internal lighting system, and the bamboo curtain), and finally brought into use from April 27, 2015.

The total budget of this project was 11,500,000,000 VND. The project's objective was to preserve the cultural and historical relics of Hue with the full function, due to which we are able to rehabilitate the picturesque landscape and royal activities of the ancients for the benefits of those who want to understand Hue culture.  

Translated by Y Nhi