Hue Monuments Conservation Centre visited the Vietnamese Heroine Mother on the Vietnamese Veterans and Patriotic Martyrs-July 27th
Update: 03/08/2015 09:59:46
On the occasion of 68th anniversary of the Vietnamese Veterans and Patriotic Martyr (July 27, 1947-July 27, 2015), in the morning of July 27, 2015, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre had assigned a group of staff to pay a visit and send gift to the Vietnamese Heroine Mother named Phan Thi Tia (at Cu Chanh Hamlet, Phong Son Commune, Quang Dien District, Thua Thien Hue Province).

At her house, the representatives of Centre's Union, the Centre's Veterans, the Centre's Youth Union and the Centre's Secretariate did give best wishes to the Mother-the good example for different generations, especially the youth. The Centre also sent a saving book and flowers as well as gift. That was a small but significant activity reflecting the gratitude to the Mother who devoted her youth and blood relationships to the peace of the nation.

The Mother Phan Thi Tia, 86 years of age, has the husband and a daughter who were killed during the war. She, herself, is also a veteran. In the near future, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre will willingly be in charge of taking care of her till the end of her life.

Translated by Y Nhi