The opening of the Truong Sanh Residence's Cultural Space
Update: 28/10/2015 09:34:08
To enhance the tourist service's quality and enrich the tourist service system at Hue heritage site, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre creates a cultural space introducing issues about royal life as well as concerning cultural activities
            The exhibition in charge by Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities, which includes the antiques relating to royal life of Nguyen dynasty's ladies such as the Great audience gown of the Grand Empress, the box kseeping the turban, slippers embroidered with the phoenix, mirror, and cosmetics, so on. In addition, there are introductions about the designs applied on the royal costumes, the horizontal panels, vertical couplets panels, glass paintings, and so forth, which may bring tourists an overview on the life of royal ladies under the Nguyens as well as remind them of the previous Truong Ninh Residence from the beginning of Emperor Minh Mang 's reign till Emperor Khai Dinh r's.             The Space for cultural activities and services is done by the Centre of Hue Monuments' Tourist Service Development, which consists of the place introducing  stories of royal maids of Nguyen dynasty via the images of Hue-styled aodai. Tourists may also visit and try practicing the traditional techniques of embroidery and painting that are done on silk; and see many aodai designed by famous designers of Hue. Furthermore, they may have qualified aodai made here. It is also at this space that tourists may be introduced, enjoy and buy special products of the ancient  Hue's proper royal vestiges (tea, wine, and precious herbs)             To enhance the quality of tourist services, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre has carried out many exhibitions and promotion activities at the complex Dien Tho Residence so that it could become an attractive tourist destination in the Imperial City. Next, from October 20, 2015, the complex of Truong Sanh Residence will also be fostered to be another attractive tourist destination, with which tourists may have new interesting experiences
Translated by Y Nhi