Hue Royal Music and Dance participated the Festival "Passing the Land of Heritage" in Thanh Hoa city
Update: 26/02/2016 09:23:40
To coordinate the programmer for highlighting the intangible heritages acknowledged as the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, on December 15,16 and 17, 2015, the artists of Hue Traditional Royal Theatre of Arts (belonging to Hue Monuments Conservation Centre) together with 6 organizations of art nationwide participated the Festival "Passing the Land of Heritage" in Thanh Hoa City.
The organizers awarded medal and certificate of merit to the participants

Mr. Huynh Vinh Ai - the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture-Sports-Tourism said in his opening remark that Vietnam would be proud of the properties recognized as the cultural heritages of humanity by UNESCO such as Nha nhac-Vietnamese Court Music, Cong-Chieng cultural space of Tay Nguyen, Ca tru, Giong Festival, Soc Temple Festival, Don Ca Tai Tu of the Southern Vietnam, and etc. The meeting of those kinds of art at Thanh Hoa was to be introduced to the public. In addition, the coordination of different types   of art in one space during one period could create a special Vietnamese cultural space.

The People's Artist Bach Hac - the Director of  Hue Traditional Royal Theatre of Arts said to attend the festival, the artists of  the Theatre performed special items such as the the Tam luan cuu chuyen of the Great Music, the sword dance Nu tuong xuat quan, the unicorn dance, and the lantern dance, so on. Those repertoires  were warmly welcomed by Thanh Hoa people and participants of the festival.

As it is known, the festival is the vitality spead of heritages in the period of  country's sustainable construction and development, through which people in Thanh Hoa province and foreign tourist will be immersed in the atmosphere of the festival for more profound feelings, impressions on the cultural heritage values of the intangible heritages well preserved in Vietnam.

The organizer presented flag and flower to the participants
The People's Artist Bach Hac  introduced the performing items of Hue Traditional Royal Theatre of Arts at the festival
The lantern dance at the festival
The unicorn dance at the festival
Trong Binh/translated by Y Nh