Opening the exhibition “The beauty of Bat Trang ceramics”
Update: 28/04/2018 12:00:00
Honoring the values of Vietnamese ceramic in general and Bat Trang ceramic art in particular, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre and the ceramic artists in Bat Trang village open the space for 1“The beauty of Bat Trang ceramics” on April 27, 2018, at Thieu Phuong Royal Garden, Hue Imperial City. In this space, more than 400 ceramic works of 50 artisans from 10 families of Bat Trang village will be introduced.

With the diversity in types, uniqueness in style, sophistication in decoration, "The beauty of Bat Trang ceramics " is expected to uncover the past, honor the artisans' skillful hands and their love of occupation that helps to preserve the soul of ancient ceramics. It is a place for us (especially the young generation) to understand the history of Vietnam ceramics and characteristics of the Vietnamese culture. 
The exhibition will take place from 27 April to 2 May 2018 at Thieu Phuong Royal Garden, (Hue imperial city).

Anh Vân