The traditional music instrument contest 2014 at Dalat and the medals of the Court Music Ensemble
Update: 19/06/2014 02:33:08
Mr Truong Tuan Hai, the manager of the Traditional Royal Theater of Arts (the theater in brief) said that the Court music Ensemble of the theater did join the traditional music instrument context 2014 at Dalat City hosted by the Department of Performing Arts of the Ministry of Culture-Sports-Tourism. In this contest, the artists of the theater won a gold medal for the “Heaven and Earth Sacrifice” (the comination of four Great Music pieces named Dang dan kep, Xang xe, Bong and Man), and a silver medal on the Parents-gratitude showing (the reformation on the Great Music piece named Cung Ai).

It was known that apart from performing the Court Music, the artists played some other newly-composed melodies basing on the Court Music pieces as a Intangible cultural heritage enhancement.  

Trong Binh/translated by Y Nhi
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