The restoration on Tang Tho Pavilion at Hue capital city
Update: 20/06/2014 12:00:00
Tang Tho Pavilion (former royal library) was a construction located on Hoc Hai lake. Formerly, it was used to store important documents of Nguyen dynasty. As reflected in Dai Nam Thuc Luc and Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi, the pavilion was built in the summer of the sixth year of Minh Mang emperor’s reign (1825). Marshal Doan Duc Luan, designated by the Court, had over 1000 soldiers build the construction. Originally, Tang Tho Pavilion was a two-stage construction of brick and stone. The construction’s lower stage of which included 11 apartments, and upper stage consisted of 7 apartments and 2 lean-tos. The construction was located in the middle of the rectangular oasis of 45m x 65m. In reality, Hoc Hai lake is a part of Ngu Ha Royal Canal connected with Tinh Tam lake to form a system of canal and lake. Under the reigns of such emperor as Gia Long and Minh Mang, Tang Tho Pavilion stored 12,000 address books nationwide.

At present, due to the impact of wars, climate change, human elements and other factors, Tang Tho Pavilion  has been severely downgraded. Because of this, on June 17, 2014, Hue Monuments Conservation Center started the construction with the total budget of 24.8 billion VND. According to Dr Phan Thanh Hai, the director of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, after fully restored, the pavilion will be invested as the royal library to keep the precious documents about Hue culture generally and Hue royal culture particularly. As it is thought, the construction will be an interesting and convenient destination for visitor to Hue since it directly connects with Tinh Tam lake, a well-known landscape that used to be mentioned in the “twenty scenic spots of the capital city” poems of Khai Dinh emperor.  

Y Nhi/translated by Y Nhi
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