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Hue City, March 15, 2019 – Under the approval of the People’s Committee of Thua Thien Hue Province, the Hue Monuments Conservation Center (HMCC) partners with Karcher, a leading worldwide provider of cleaning technology, in a 15-day project to clean up the Noon Gate of Hue Imperial City starting from March 15, 2019. This is part of Karcher’s cultural sponsorship programme since 1980 that helps preserve cultural and historical monuments of the world through the removal of organic pollution on the buildings’ façade, utilizing Karcher’s cleaning expertise and high-pressure cleaners operated by skilled professionals.

Being located in a country with tropical monsoon climate, high humidity and frequent rainfall is among the reasons that make Noon Gate a perfect medium for algae, mosses, fungi, lichens and bacteria to proliferate. Besides, the damaged façade of the Gate allows seedlings to strike roots through joints and cracks on and under its surface. Aiming to preserve this precious historical relic, Karcher Vietnam and its experienced cleaning experts from Germany in concert with HMCC will use hot water high-pressure cleaners to remove biological soiling existing on Noon Gate.


To fulfill this task, Karcher applies its advanced high-pressure steam cleaning technology by using super class hot water high-pressure cleaner in the steam mode. The special 50°steam nozzle produces approximately 0,5 bar steam jet on the surface. This steam has a maximum temperature of approximately 100° Celsius (155°C vessel temperature). The biological soiling on the surface can be removed with minimal abrasiveness and kinetic energy. The biological soiling under the subsurface, residing deeper inside the pores of the stone, will be eliminated (killed) by the temperature of the steam. This extends the time it takes for new growth to recolonize the stone.


Mr. Tran Trong Hai, general manager of Karcher Vietnam, said: “The Noon Gate of Hue Imperial City is an important historical relic of the ancient capital of Hue. Almost 200 years old, Noon Gate has been partially ruined by pollutants and biological growth like mosses, molds or seedlings, which deteriorates the monument’s unique aesthetic values. Therefore, we believe that restoration efforts are crucial at this time in order to preserve Noon Gate, a symbolic image of the Hue Monuments Complex, one of UNESSCO World Heritage Sites in Vietnam.”


We are proud to join hands with HMCC in this meaningful project. A world-leading provider of cleaning technology, Karcher is willing to offer in-depth consultancy to HMCC as well as other conservation organizations and come up with optimized cleaning solutions for each particular case, from cleaning historical monuments for the purpose of conservation to other activities that ensure hygiene and safety for visitors at tourism attractions across the country. Karcher will allocate part of our annual budget for similar cultural support activities in Vietnam in order to raise local communities’ awareness and interest towards the conservation of unique cultural heritage in Hue as well as in other localities of the country,” he added.


The project to clean up Noon Gate of Hue Imperial City is part of Karcher’s cultural sponsorship since 1980, under which Karcher has cleaned over 100 monuments worldwide. The programme provides free cleaning for well-known historic monuments, landmarks and buildings around the world, including the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, the colonnades in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican City, and Nihonbashi Bridge in Japan, among others.


‘We highly appreciate Karcher’s contributions in the preservation and restoration of Noon Gate in the Hue Imperial City. This is a substantially meaningful project as it helps preserve historical monuments and protect the everlasting artistic value of one of the architectural monuments of Nguyen Dynasty in Hue Monuments Complex,” said Dr.Phan Thanh Hai, Director of HMCC.


**About Karcher:


Kärcher is a leading worldwide provider of cleaning technology. Founded in 1935 as a family business, over the past 80 years, Karcher has become a world-leading brand which is synonymous with “top performance, innovation and quality”, embracing “customer focus” as the company’s business philosophy. Karcher operates in 67 countries worldwide with headquarters in Winnenden, Germany. 


To this day, business success for Kärcher means: above-average investment in research and development, the latest production methods, and both high-quality and advanced training for its employees. At the same time, Kärcher participates in the community outside its everyday work by supporting cultural events or social facilities. 


As part of its cultural sponsorship programme, Kärcher has cleaned over 100 monuments worldwide since 1980. The cleaning work always takes place in close collaboration with local monument protection officials restorers and art historians.


World-famous cleaning projects:

The sculptures of the heads of presidents at Mount Rushmore, US; the colonnades in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican City, Italy; the Colossi of Memnon in Luxor, Upper Egypt; Space Needle in Seattle, US; the Statue of Liberty, New York, Us; and Pricess bridge, Melbourne, Australia are typical examples for Karcher’s cleaning projects. For more information, visit:


** Karcher in Vietnam:

Vietnamese name: Công ty TNHH Một Thành Viên Karcher

English name: Karcher One Member Company Limited

Shortened name: Karcher Vietnam

Head office:  811A – 811B Truong Chinh Street, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City

Telephone: +84 28 3810 0055; Fax: +84 28 3810 0066

Call Center: 1900 5715 99




Officially operating in Vietnam since 2013 with head office in Ho Chi Minh City and two branch offices in Hanoi and Da Nang, Karcher provides products in two main categories: home appliances & Professional products.

For home appliances, Karcher Vietnam offers consumers a full array of state-of-the-art cleaners and cleaning solutions, including high-pressure cleaner, steam cleaner, floor cleaner, vacuum cleaner, etc.

Karcher is also proud to be an expert in the field of industrial cleaning, specializing in providing specialized equipment and solutions that meet the diverse requirements for cleaning. from large hotel systems to factories and construction sites.

Aside from the advantage of high-end technology from Europe, Karcher Vietnam is committed to delivering to customers excellent after-sales service in compliance with Karcher’s global standard.      

** About HMCC

Vietnamese name: Trung tâm Bảo tồn Di tích Cố đô Huế

English name: Hue Monuments Conservation Centre

Shortened name: HMCC

Address: Tam Toa - 23 Tong Duy Tan Street, Hue City

Telephone: +84 234 353 0840


Website:  &


Officially founded on June 10, 1982, Hue Monuments Conservation Center operates directly under the governance of Thua Thien Hue Province administratively and of the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism professionally, as well as having technical guidance, advice and management of UNESCO.

Hue Monuments Conservation Centre is responsible for managing, preserving, restoring and promoting values of Hue Monuments Complex - Hue World Heritage property, Nha nhac (Hue Court Music)- the Representative Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity as well as the attached historicall landscape recognized by UNESCO. The center studies the historical contents and cultural values of architecture and landscape of Hue Monuments Complex. The organization carries out the work on the preservation, restoration, renovation and promotion of the value of traditional cultural heritage of the Ancient Capital and contribute to the construction of Hue city into a cultural center tourism of the whole country, enriching the cultural heritage of the nation and humanity.

Up to now, the Center has renovated over 170 monuments and structures at different levels belong to Hue Monuments Complex; Successfully organized over 40 national and international workshops and conference in the field of historical research and restoration; Published more than 100 books and conference proceedings; Conducted much research of ministry and discipline level that helped to affirm its role and position in the field of preservation; Mounted tens of exhibitions about Hue’s cultural heritage, both in Vietnam and in overseas countries; Compiled three dossiers to submit UNESCO for the recognition of Hue monument complex as a World Cultural Heritage Site (December 11, 1993), Court Music as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity (November 7, 2003); Literature on Hue Royal Architecture (May 19, 2016); Collaborated with tens of organisations, institutes and universities in Vietnam and in other countries for the purposes of research and education; Cooperated with more than 35 international organizations to implement many plans for the high quality conservation and restoration of local relics.

* Contact information:

Hue Monuments Conservation Centre (HMCC) - Mr. Phan Thanh Hải, Director Phone: +84 234 353 0840; Tel:+84 914 066 189 - Ms. Lê Thị Thanh Bình, Head, Department of Cooperation and External Affairs Phone: +84 234 351 2751; Tel: +84 935 100 776 Email: Website : & KARCHER CO., LTD (VIETNAM)   Ms. Nhung Nguyễn, Marketing Department Tel: +84 903 762 199 Email: Website:
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