"Bai vu"
Update: 17/07/2017 12:00:00
"Bài vụ" was a folk game of much interest of many royal ladies under Nguyen dynasty, often played on the full moon night or on the first days of the year for the good luck finding.

A set of "Bài vụ" includes a medium table with images of eight animals such as black pig, white elephant, blue buffalo, yellow frog, red horse, yellow turtle, blue shrimp, and yellow fish; a porcelain plate and a porcelain bowl for revolving the fizgig that is a cubic added with two sharp sticks. On each of the eight surfaces of the cubic, there is the image of an animal.
In playing the Bài vụ, the participants put the money on their selected animals on the table. Then, the game-master revolves the fizgig on the plate, and then put the bowl up-side-down when the fizgig is still moving in the plate. The participants may put more money or move the money to other animals. After the participants finish putting money on their selected animal, and the fizgig stops revolving, the game-master pulls the bowl out and announces the animal on the front surface. Those who put money on that animal is the winner. It is regulated that the participant puts the money on one animal, but gains money of six times higher.
Presently, this game is organized on the first day of lunar New Year in Hue royal palace and from April 22, 2017, tourists can experience this game in the "Royal Palace by Night" program every evening.

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