Royal Tea
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Drinking tea is a frugal and elegant hobby of the Orient in general and that of Vietnamese in particular. In addition to the beverage purposes, drinking tea reflects the humanity, expresses the soul, love and dignity of human. In a delicious teapot, we may feel the smell of poetry and the taste of the philosophy. The art of drinking and enjoying tea expresses the distinct culture of different countries and ethnicities.

















Lotus tea:

The taste of this kind of tea has been typical in Vietnamese tea culture. The lotus flower is inherently refined, and its perfume the essence of nature. So, thelotus tea is precious that reserved only for prince and noble families.


Royal tea:

Used to serve in the Imperial City. The tea was prepared with private secrets of the court such as to select time to dry and bury the herbs in the Yin – Yang principles. In the Imperial tea, each herb type has a specific use to protect the body. This is the unique tea in Hue as well as in Vietnam. Formerly, the Imperial tea protected the emperor’s.


Coming to Duyet Thi Duong Theatre, you may enjoy an interesting program of royal arts together with the lotus tea and Hue sweet cakes and jams of bare lotus, ginger, waky pumpkin, and etc. You may also enjoy Hue lotus sweet soup, lotus seed-longan sweet soup, green bean cake, husband-wife cake and so forth with the hospitable service of charming maidens. It is sure that you will be interested.


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