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Under the agreement of TTH Provincial People's Committee, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre (HMCC in brief) cooperating with the Zennihon-Kenchikushikai (All Japan Society of Architects & Building Engineers (ZK in brief) carry out the exhibition of traditional wooden architectural model of Princess Dien Phuoc Truong’s Ancestral House and signing Memorandum of Understanding of the two parties during 2018-2022, with the theme "The promoting technical cooperation from Japan to Vietnam regarding traditional wooden architecture and restorations and repairs”.

In Hue, the city holding five World Heritages, besides the wooden architectures belonging to the Complex of Hue Monuments that were recognized by UNESCO, a unique traditional wooden house system called “nhà Rường” has gained appreciation of experts internationally and domestically. However, the research for preservation has still been a challenge of heritage administrators as well as specialists at Thua Thien Hue Province. Studying the traditional wooden architecture is always a topic of much concern, especially of the East Asian conservationists. Well understanding the materials, manufacturing methods, structures, components and factors affecting the woodwork is important for the appropriate restoration.

In November 2012, the 1st Vietnam-Japan Symposium on Traditional Wooden Architecture was successfully organized in Hue City. That was the first cooperation program between Hue Monuments Conservation Centre and the All Japan Society of Architects & Building Engineers. And from 2012 to now, the two parties have jointly organized a number of research programs and symposiums in the field of research and preservation of traditional wooden architectures. The preservation project of traditional wooden architecture of the Princess Dien Phuoc Truong’s Ancestral House is one of the works involving the consultation and assistance of restoration techniques as well as model assembly of ZK. The model of the Temple is of the 1/40 scale and the model of “giao nguyên trụ đội” is of the 1/10 ratio. That is the typical structure of Hue traditional wooden architecture. The ZK suggested to transfer HMCC the model so that the community could understand more about the typical wooden architecture of traditional mansions generally and  Princess Dien Phuoc Truong’s Ancestral House particularly, due to which the achievements of the cooperation among ZK, Waseda University-Japan and HMCC could be appreciated. The model will temporarily be displayed at the 1st stage of Tinh Minh Pavilion, Dien Tho Residence-Hue Imperial City. At present, HMCC has planned and built the place to display the wooden architectures (at Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities as expected), and this model will be re-displayed there (with other wooden models) whenever the construction is completed for those who concern.

Based on the results of cooperation in the past, the two parties will jointly sign a MoU with the theme "The promoting technical cooperation from Japan to Vietnam regarding traditional wooden architecture and restorations and repairs” in the period 2018-2022 with the contents: The ant-proof and the antisepsis of the parts of the architecture of wood structure; The structural analysis and comparative research of the architecture of wood structure  by the model; Exchanging academic information, research, application and technical cooperation on traditional wooden architecture between Vietnam and Japan; Organizing the in-depth study and training of staff members in Japan and Vietnam on wooden structures (material properties and treatment methods), techniques of preserving and restoring wooden architectures and technology transfer; Collaborate with specialized organizations and associations in Vietnam and Japan to exchange expertise, to do co-research, and to share experiences at conferences and seminars.

The expected outcome of this collaborative program is to study the application and restoration of wooden structures for one or a few typical timber structures that may be selected at the Hue Heritage Site to maximize the results of this co-research. In addition, this is an opportunity to help Vietnamese and Japanese professionals and communities understand more about the common culture of Vietnam and Japan.


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