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- With the approval of the People’s Committee of Thua Thien Hue Province, Karcher, the leading worldwide provider of cleaning technology, in collaboration with Hue Monuments Conservation Center (HMCC) organizes the handover ceremony of Noon Gate, Hue Imperial City Cleaning Project at Noon Gate on the morning of April 26, 2019. The ceremony has the attendance of representatives ofThua Thien Hue Province’s People’s Committee; Christian Berger, the ambassador of Germany in Vietnam; and local authorities.The project is part of Karcher’s cultural sponsorship programme since 1980 that helps preserve cultural and historical monuments of the world utilizing Karcher’s cleaning expertise. Noon Gate, Hue Imperial City Cleaning Project was conducted from March 15-26, 2019.

After two weeks of professional, focused hard work, Karcher’s expert team have completed the execution, training and technology transfer of cleaning process to HMCCstaff, and cleaned up the monument’sfaçade which has been covered by organic vegetation for centuries to reveal the original beauty of Noon Gate using Karcher’s cutting-edge high-pressure steam cleaning technology. This trusted, verified cleaning method has been used widely in the preservation of many well-known historic monuments of the world, including the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The cleaning of Noon Gate was performed under tight cooperation with the Management Board of Hue Monuments and German experts who have 15 years of experience working at Hue Monument Complex to ensure the project is carried out on schedule and meets the highest technical requirements.

The Noon Gate – Five-Phoenix Pavilion is the southern main gateway of Hue Imperial City and was constructed in 1833, or the 14th year of Minh Mang reign, when the Nguyen Dynasty re-planned the entire architecture of the Imperial City. Noon Gate boasts a graceful, elegant design and has been considered the top structure of Hue’s royal architecture. With a location in a tropical monsoon climate, high humidity and frequent rainfall, Noon Gate has become a perfect medium for algae, mosses, fungi, lichens and bacteria to proliferate. Besides, the damaged façade of the Gate allows seedlings to strike roots through joints and cracks on and under its surface. Aiming to preserve this precious historical monument, Karcher Vietnam and its seasoned cleaning experts from Germany in concert with HMCC have used hot water high-pressure cleaners to remove biological soiling existing on Noon Gate. The biological soiling under the subsurface, residing deeper inside the pores of the stone, will be eliminated (killed) by the temperature of the steam. This extends the time it takes for new growth to recolonize the stone. The Noon Gate, Hue Imperial Cleaning Project not only helps embellish the comprehensive landscape and heritage space of Hue Monument Complex but also contributes to the preservation of original artistic values of one of Nguyen Dynasty’s antique architectural relics.

In only two weeks, Karcher has efficiently removed all biological pollutants on the gate’s surface as well as destroyed the deeper-seated spores of bacteria and molds inside the stone. Steam cleaning technology is known as an advanced cleaning method which is eco-friendly and causes no harm to building materials, thus help preserve and protect more architectural heritage of humankind, enabling them to last longer.

The project contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage, which also helps embellish landscapes and attract tourists. More importantly, the project enhances public awareness and interest in the preservation of Hue’s cultural heritage as well as other pricelessheritage of the country. The Noon Gate, Hue Imperial Cleaning Project once again reinforces HMCC’s capability in the implementation of international cooperation projects in Hue.

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