Ha Long Bay (Dec, 17th 1994 & Apr, 29th 2000)
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General introduction:

Function: The Department of Ha Long Bay Management was established on December 9, 1995 by Quang Ninh provincial People’s Committee (PPC) with the function of supporting Quang Ninh PPC in conservation and promoting the values of Ha Long Bay, especially world natural heritage area recognized by UNESCO. It is managed and professionally directed by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and the National Commission for UNESCO in Viet Nam.

The main tasks of the Department are as follows:

1. Supporting Quang Ninh PPC to establish, implement mechanism, policies, programs and solutions to manage and promote the value of Ha Long Bay, world natural heritage as laws.

2. Researching and planning a scientific file on natural and human values of Ha Long Bay.

3. Investing, mending, embellishing the sites to serve conservation and promotion the values of Ha Long Bay; Coordinating with the relevant agencies to consider and submit to PPC to get approval of the projects on socio-economic development as the regulation.

4. Managing and supervising socio-economic activities on Ha Long Bay; Chairing and coordinating with the relevant agencies in identifying and penalizing all actions in violation of the organizations and individuals on the Bay.

5. Widely introducing and promoting the values of Ha Long Bay with a view to improve the awareness, responsibility of community in conservation and promotion the value of its.

6. Implementing to search, rescuing and handling accidents caused by calamities and others on Ha Long Bay.

7. Selling tickets for excursions in and around Ha Long Bay and appropriately using the fee. Organizing socio-economic activities on Ha Long Bay.

8. Collecting, treating the wastes and protecting Ha Long Bay environment.

9. Establishing good relationships with international organizations to improve management capacity and the skills of staff as well as attracting  oreign investment in finance and technology from international organizations to manage Ha Long Bay Heritage.

10. Managing organization system, training, cultivating skills for officials in Department.

11. Managing finance, property as law.

12. Implementing others as PPC assigns

There are over 322 officials in the Department  

Ha Long Bay Management Department
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