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Born in 1807 and died in 1847, Emperor Thieu Tri could hardly expect his death at 40, after a seven - year reign. In his dying breath, he had enough time to advise his successor on his tomb construction.

Soon after having come to the throne, Tu Duc ordered his father’s tomb to be built on his taste of art within only ten months.
With some 10 monuments, Thieu Tri tomb is divided into two parts, 100 m from one another: the tomb area on the right and the temple area on the left. Figuratively, constructors had made Thieu Tri Tomb by cutting off the middle part of the Minh Mang tomb and then joining the two ends together. Most of the monuments are similar to those of Minh Mang tomb yet surrounded by no wall. It is likely that Emperor Tu Duc had made use of the surrounding mountains as a natural wall, larger than that of brick.
Monuments in Thieu Tri tomb are in close relation with natural environment. Water of the lakes is conducted by a network of underground tunnels.

Rich decorative motifs on wood and stone form are diversified designs in bas-relief with deeply carved and sharp lines.
As nature-loving disposition of the Emperor when he was still alive, the tomb harmonizes well with the landscape of which view from the tomb seems almost unobstructed.

                                                                                     Huỳnh Thị Anh Vân

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