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1. Cooperate with HMCC’s departments and the Board of Consultancy to set up or prepare the project procedures; implement the resettlement relating to the heritage area, conduct the archaeological survey and other related activities in the process of monument conservation and restoration.
2. Make the contract with the consultancy to conduct the investigation, set up the project, design and estimate; examine the project implementation, make the initial designs and executive designs with total estimation for approval.
3. Establish dossiers to call a bid and select the entrepreneur.
4. Make the contract with the consultancy to supervise the technique, quality, quantity, project progress, expenses, environment hygiene and site inspection for the final settlement of account.
5. Supervise and control the implementation of small projects, implement other projects under the agreement of investor in accordance with current regulations.
6. Check and take over the monument(s) to enhance the historical and cultural values
7. Make the restoration plan and report of progress during the implementation of annual capital for restoration, make the financial report to complete the project, control the project budget within the scope of total investment and the approved financial estimation, prepare the required procedures for approval in case of unexpected change of the plan.
8. Propose the specific policy in the field of Hue monument preservation, adjust and complete the financial estimation rate in monument conservation and restoration.
9. Implement other works relating to the project management under the control of investor.
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