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1. Systematically study the basic  historical values as well as the cultural and artistic significance of the relics; contribute to research on the culture of the Nguyen Dynasty and its relationship with broader Vietnamese culture. 2. Establish scientific files for each historic monument for submission to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for classification and storing. 3. Conduct research and preparing interpretations of Hue’s cultural heritage and Nguyen Dynasty history. 4. Offer scientific advice on plans for restoring, preserving and embellishing relics. 5. Research, register, preserve and introductive Hue cultural heritage values nationally and internationally. 6. Publicise and encourage the public to participate in protecting Hue’s cultural heritage. 7. Collect and store documents concerning Hue cultural heritage to assist and support in relic preservation and scientific research. 8. Support the board of management and the scientific council in the organisation of scientific conferences about Hue’s cultural heritage. 9. Organise tour guide staff in accordance with regulations established by the Center. 10. Maintain strict control on documents in conformity with current regulations. 11. Establish co-operative relationships with research departments and scholars within or outside the country to collect data and conduct research to preserve and enhance Hue cultural heritage values.
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