11. Emperor Duy Tan (1907-1916)
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Emperor Duy Tan’s real name is Nguyen Phuc Vinh San, his nickname is Hoang. He is the 5th son of Emperor Thanh Thai and Madam Nguyen Thi Dinh. He was born on August 26 of the lunar year of Canh Ty (on September 19th 1900).

In 1907, after Emperor Thanh Thai’s abdication, Prince Vinh San was crowned king at the age of 8 with the title Duy Tan.

Duy Tan is the youngest Emperor among 13 Nguyen ones. However, he was very dignified by genuine outstanding characteristics of an emperor. Duy Tan was an anti-French person like his Father. He in conjunction with Thai Phien and Tran Cao Van … planned a revolt against French on May 3rd 1916 but unluckily this plan came out, so he together with Tran Cao Van and Thai Phien fled far away from Hue Citadel. Three days later, Emperor Duy Tan was arrested and exiled to Reunion.

He died at the age of 46 in an air crash on December 25th 1945. He was buried in Christian Cemetary M’Baiki in the Republic of Central Africa. On April 6th 1987, he was reinter in An Lang's campus (Duc Duc Tomb).
Emperor Duy Tan had 5 children (3 sons and 2 girls).

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