12. Emperor Khai Dinh (1916-1925)
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Emperor Khai Dinh’s real name is Nguyen Phuc Buu Dao, his nickname is Tuan. He is the 1st son of Emperor Dong Khanh and Madam Duong Thi Thuc (Queen Huu Thien Thuan). He was born on September 1st of the lunar year of At Dau (on October 8th 1885 solar calendar).

At the time Emperor Dong Khanh passed away, Prince Buu Dao was only 4 years old, so he wasn't chosen for throne. Until 1916, after Emperor Duy Tan's banishment to Reunion, Hue Court and French crowned Buu Dao with the title Khai Dinh on May 18th 1916.

After 10-year reign, Emperor Khai Dinh got serious illness and passed away on November 6th 1925 at the age of 41. His tablet was worshiped in The Mieu Temple with the posthumous title of Hoang Tong.

Emperor Khai Dinh had only one son, Prince Vinh Thuy (Emperor Bao Dai later). 


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