143 years of Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945)
Update: 01/12/2010 03:26:18

Nguyen dynasty, the last feudal one of Vietnam, whose rule lasted for 143 years (1802-1945), includes 13 generations of emperors.

Except the Emperors who were dethroned or exiled from the country by the French, Nguyen Emperors' tablets were respectfully placed in the Mieu Temple (The Mieu) after their deaths, and their posthumous names were accordingly attached to the names of 9 bronze urns made in 1835 during the Minh Mang era and placed right in front of the Temple. Particularly, Emperor Dục Đức's tablet (a dethroned Emperor) who had his posthumous name of Cung Ton Hue Hoang De honored by his son, Emperor Thanh Thai, wasn’t worshiped in this Temple. Such patriotic emperors' tablets as Hàm Nghi, Thành Thái and Duy Tân were also honored in this Temple since 1959 by the Committee of Nguyen Royal Family.

Followings are brief notes about 13 Nguyen Emperors.

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