Approximately 1000 tourists joined the royal gala dinner in the spring rain
Update: 16/03/2015 02:42:16
In the evening of March 12, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre organized the Royal Gala Dinner for approximately 1000 tourists of the Celebrity Century Cruise. The gala dinner was in style of the banquet of Royal Palace By Night successfully held twice during Hue Festival, but was of more complicated process in guest welcoming presentation and high quality services

The biggest surprise was that it started to rain as soon as the tourists began to join the royal games. On behalf of the participants, Ms. Lisa said that it was such a special dinner, the Hue spring rain gave them an interesting memory.

The Royal Gala Dinner was requested by Saigon Tourist to popularize the royal banquet of Nguyen dynasty's style as well as the delicate gastronomical values of Royal Hue to tourists, especially the Cruise passengers, said by Dr. Phan Thanh Hai-the director of Hue Monuments conservation Centre.

 Some pictures about the royal gala dinner


Trong Binh/ Translated by Y Nhi
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