The inauguration of Xung Khiem Waterside-bower and Du Khiem Waterside-bower, and the performance of Hue Chamber Music at Xung Khiem Waterside-bower
Update: 07/04/2015 04:46:54
Xung Khiem and Du Khiem Waterside-bowers are the two unique architectures in the complex of Tu Duc royal tomb particularly and those in the Complex of Hue Monument generally. Those are two of the rare waterside-bowers in the Nguyen dynasty's architectural system.

They were both constructed in 1864 under the reign of Tu duc emperor with medium scale, simple decoration but perfect constructional ratio. They are poetic constructions, which are harmonious with the view of Luu Khiem lake.

            Xung Khiem Waterside-bower includes 2 parts namely the Main Hall and Front Hall connecting each other with a minor-connective ceiling decorated with the carp-designs. The Front Hall is a construction erected on the water surface with a system of 16 main columns and supportive columns stabilized from the bottom of the lake.

            At the near front of Xung Khiem Waterside-bower, there finds the Du Khiem one built with the traditional wooden frame of Hue with column-rafter-cross beam-large beam, which is a complex of three connected houses in the vertical axle with three different heights.

            The two constructions is similar in architectural style, but different in functions. The Xung Khiem was where the emperor refresh, made poems, and enjoyed the music; but the Du Khiem was a royal landing when he wanted to behold the view of Luu Khiem lake.

            Even though the Xung Khiem had been repaired many times (the latest restoration was in 1986), prior to this project was done they were severely downgraded.

            On January 21, 2013, the chairman of Thua Thien Hue provincial People's Committee issued the Decision No. 118/QĐ-UBND approving the Investment in preservation, reconstruction and restoration on the Tu Duc royal tomb, in which the Xung Khiem and Du Khiem were of the first priority.

            After 23 months with great effort, the two constructions have been completed eight months earlier than they were scheduled. That is a praise-worthy achievement of the involving executors, supervisors and guardians so that the constructions could be for better convenience of tourists.

            Especially, the Xung Khiem Waterside-bower has been dealing with appropriate exhibition. Right here, some artifacts such as the glass paintings, couplets, sculpted paintings, lacquer pantings, and so on are well displayed that makes the construction be more graceful.

            It is also at Xung Khiem Waterside-bower, from april 01, 2015, Hue Traditional Royal Theatre of Arts carried out the Hue Chamber Music performance, especially the music pieces compiled by Tu Duc emperor. It is hoped that the newness in visiting Tu duc royal tomb will give unforgetable memories in hearts of tourists about a poetic and attractive tomb of Tu Duc emperor.

The performance at Xung Khiem Waterside-bower, Tu Duc royal tomb is one of the activities improving the quality of services at Hue Heritage Site hosted by Hue Monuments conservation Centre.

Daily performance time:

09.00 A.M. - 10.00 A.M.                14.30 P.M.- 15.30 P.M.  

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