Hue Monuments Conservation Centre started the new cultural service at 145 Phan Dinh Phung
Update: 29/09/2015 08:50:23
Hue Monuments Conservation Centre has just officially started the new cultural service at 145 Phan Dinh Phung street (Phu Nhuan Ward, Hue City) to enhance the tourist service quality to Hue.

The house of 145 (former 79) Phan Dinh Phung street is located by the bank An Cuu Canal where Doan Huy Grand empress (Tu Cung grand empress, the wife of Khai Dinh emperor, and the mother of Bao Dai emperor) used to lived. Tu Cung empress bought this house in 1955 after the government of Ngo Dinh Diem confiscated An Dinh Palace, which had been the private residence Nguyen dynasty reserved for her prior to 1945. She kept on living there till her death in 1980.

The house was built in early XXth century with the Oriental architectural style, and was enlarged and reinforced after being bought. Before the death, Tu Cung grand empress wished to hand over this house to the local government. After assigned by the province, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre fully preserved with such activities as the restoration, worshipping and especially the exhibition on the artefacts of Tu Cung grand empress. Until late 2014, recognizing the worshipping as well as exhibition had yet to be worthy with her ever-position under Nguyen dynasty, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre had all concerning artefactsmoved to An Dinh Palace for the exhibition and rehabilitation themed The Living Space of Bao Dai Emperor's Family and also for the worshipping of Tu Cung grand empress at Khai Tuong Pavilion of An Dinh Palace after the discussion with Hue Imperial Family Council.

With the harsh climate and time pressure, the house has been degraded and destroyed severely. To keep a construction reflecting many vestiged of a famous person of Nguyen dynasty as an emphasis for the local community as well as tourists to understand more the historical values of traditional Hue connected with relaxing activities, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre had ít restored and reinforced in preparation for a new cultural service.

The emphasis of services at this site is the two-storey house in the Oriental architectural style, in which the fist and second storeys are for exhibiting the documentary images of Khai Dinh emperor Doan Huy grand empress, Bao Dai emperor's family and those of the Former Royal Family Council. Especially on the second storey, there's a special room for Hue Royal Family Council, the main central room to worship the grand empress, and one room to be the library for Hue Royal Family Council. The remaining rooms are for local people to do research and read documents on the Royal Family Annals, Nguyen dynasty and Hue culture.

Coming here, tourist may understand more about the history of the house, listen to the tales concerning the life of the last Nguyen dynasty's grand empress, behold the green trees, flower bushes, garden corners and passages keeping her footsteps. This space will be connected with Khai Tuong Pavilion-An Dinh Palace in a tourist routine.

It is hoped that this is a new interesting tourist destination of Hue.


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