The first session of the National Council for Cultural Heritage
Update: 24/08/2015 09:03:31
In the morning of July 30, 2015, the National Council for Cultural Heritage carried out the first session at the office of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism –MoCST (51-53 Ngo Quyen-Hanoi). The session especially welcomed the presence of Minister of MoCST Hoang Tuan Anh, the Vice-Minister Dang Thi Bich Lien together with representatives of concerning departments of the Ministry.
Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism  Hoang Tuan Anh

The National Heritage Council period 2015-2019 has 27 member with Prof. Dr. Luu Tran Tieu as the chairman, Prof. Dr.Vu Minh Giang as the vice chairman, Dr. Nguyen The Hung (the chief of the Department of Cultural Heritage) as the secretary.

At this session, after the council's member introduction, Prof. Luu Tran Tieu read a brief assessment about the activities and results of the council in the period of 2010-2014. Next, Prof. Vu Minh Giang reported the activities of the council in 2015 with two main issues such as the recommendation to the prime minister on some economic development projects concerning the cultural heritage preservation, the organization of a national workshop on "The cultural heritage preservation for the sustainable development", and the implementation of field trips at some core heritage sites.

In the welcoming remark, Minister Hoang Tuan Anh appreciated the results of the National Heritage Council in the last period, especially the examination of dossiers nomination to the UNESCO for acknowledgement of typical heritages such as the dossier of Trang An Heritage, the re-nomination dossier of the National Garden Phong Nha-Ke Bang, and the 7 dossiers of cultural intangible heritage. The supervision of the council for the Decision 79 by the Prime Minister concerning artifacts as National Treasures was also regarded very significant. According to the Prime Minister, until now, Vietnam had 8 World Heritages, 62 national special relics, 3258 national relics, 7535 provincial relics, 148 museums (123 public and 25 private ones) preserving approximately 3 millions antiques, 2000 of which would be extremely precious. In Southeast Asian region, Vietnam had the greatest number of heritage recognized by UNESCO, but its preservation and enhancement had dealt with a variety of challenges due to the conflict of preservation and development, the limitation in investment to fields relating to heritage, the poor awareness on heritage values among different social levels, and so on. Thus, in this period, the minister wished the council members make more efforts for the betterment of Vietnam cultural heritage preservation and enhancement.

The session discussed on and adopted the council’s action plan of 2015, and at the same time evaluated as well as shared ideas about the recommendation of Quang Ninh Province in narrowing the buffer zone of Ha Long Bay-a World Heritage.


Yen Chi/translated by Nhi
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