Artists of Hue Theatre of Traditional and Royal Arts won lots of medals in the festival of theatrical plays 2015 in Danang City
Update: 26/02/2016 09:24:59
After 10 days, in the evening of the Festival of Theatrical Plays (TUONG) by Tong Phuoc Pho came to the happy end at Nguyen Hien Dinh Theater, Danang City with 19 individual gold medals and 19 individual silver medals. In this occasion, the two plays of Hue Theatre of Traditional and Royal Art namely the "Ngo Quyen" and "Lam Sanh-Xuan Nuong" won totally 05 gold medals and 05 silver medals.

These two plays gained the most of medals among 23 plays of 20 artist groups (both professional and amateur) nationwide. 

Tong Phuoc Pho (1902 - 1991) was a TUONG composer living in Quang Nam-Da Nang. He was one of the greatest composer of Vietnamese theatre in the modern time with approximately 100 scripts mainly in historical themes.

With the two theatrical plays in the festival, artists of Hue Theatre of Traditional and Royal Art would like to show the profoundest gratitute to Tong Phuoc Pho-a great master in Vietnamese TUONG.

Hereafater is the list of artists gaining medals in the festival:

No. Artist Role Plays Medal
1 Phan Thi Bach Hoa Mother in-law Lam Sanh-Xuan Nuong Gold
2 Phan Thi Thu Thuy Xuan Nuong's mother Lam Sanh-Xuan Nuong Gold
3 Le Thi Kim Tuyen Xuan Nuong Lam Sanh-Xuan Nuong Gold
4 Nguyen Dinh Viet Ngo Quyen Ngo Quyen Gold
5 Dao Thi Thuy Duong Xuan Ngo Quyen Gold
6 Ngo The Tue Lam Sanh Lam Sanh-Xuan Nuong Silver
7 Ho Van Long Duong Dinh Nghe Ngo Quyen Silver
8 Hoang Thi Thu Hang The Van Ngo Quyen Silver
9 La Tuan He Ty Lam Sanh-Xuan Nuong Silver
10 Ho Van An Kieu Cong Tien Ngo Quyen Silver
  Hue Monuments Conservation Centre will have these two plays performed publicly in Hue soon.
Summarized and translated by Y Nhi
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