Xa Tac Sacrifice 2014-a spiritual wish of the mass
Update: 31/03/2014 02:34:01
At 1 am of March 18 2014 (Lunar February 18 of the Horse year), Xa Tac Sacrifice was carried out at Xa Tac Esplanade. Although this year’s ceremony was simplified, it was started at the right time with appropriate offerings and in the solemn atmosphere as ever.

Xa Tac Sacrifice is to worship the genie of Rice and Earth. It was one of the typical royal rites reflecting the characteristics of Vietnamese water-rice-agriculture. Under such dynasties as Dinh, Ly, Tran, Le and Nguyen, Xa Tac Esplanade was built for the annual rite (in Lunar February and August) to honor the national agriculture as well as to wish for the great peace and prosperity, harmonious weather and productive crop.

With the change of time, Xa Tac Esplanade of Hue is still well preserved. From 2008 till now, the Xa Tac Sacrifice has been rehabilitated and gained appreciation of the mass. After several years theatricalizing the rite for the full popularization of ceremonies and the accompanied Court Music, royal dance and ceremonial costume, the Xa Tac Sacrifice revived by Hue Monuments Conservation Center (HMCC) has gained appreciation of local inhabitants as well as tourists.

This year, before Hue Festival 2014, HMCC is assigned to directly carry out Xa Tac Sacrifice that especially focuses on the ceremony to meet the spiritual desire of the mass, via  which it is able to preserve the traditional royal intangible heritage of Hue.

Besides Xa Tac Sacrifice, Nam Giao Sacrifice will be done on April 18, 2014 as scheduled. This activity is significant in the modern integration and development, which reflect the characteristics of Hue culture, Vietnamese traditional values, and the strong desire to have national great peace.

Thanh Phúc/translated by Ý Nhi
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