"Royal Literature on Hue Royal Architecture"(Thua Thien Hue Province) and "Wood block of Phuc Giang School" (Ha Tinh Province) were officially inscribed on Asia/Pacific MOW Register in 2016.
Update: 22/05/2016 09:33:26
After the opening section of May 18, 2016 the 7th General Meeting of MOWCAP held at Hue City continued with the review of reports from National MoW Committees and UNESCO National Commissions on annual activities of state members in 2015, Overview of international MoW program, examination of Country presentations of Register nominations during the sessions in the afternoon of May 18 and 19, There were 16 nominations from 11 state members (China with 4, Vietnam and Malaysia both with 2, DPR Korea, RO Korea, Iran, Japan, Myanmar, Mongolia, Singapore and Uzbekistan one for each) for the inscription on the Asia/Pacific Memory of the World (MOW) Register of Documentary Heritage in 2016.

Vietnam’s two nominations are the "Royal Literature on Hue Royal Architecture"(Thua Thien Hue Province) and the "Wood block of Phuc Giang School" (Can Loc District, Ha Tinh Province). The "Royal Literature on Hue Royal Architecture" is a documentary heritage refecting the views of Nguyen emperors (1802-1945) about the history, nation's independence, culture, nation-ruling philosophy, inhabitants' life. According to many experts and cuture administrators, the "Royal Literature on Hue Royal Architecture" is a special decorative art, which "publish" and "maintain" a kind of special document exsting only in Hue Old Capital city.  With approximately 3,000 decorative designs that are verses applied with different materials such as wood, stone, bronze, enamelled bronze surface, porcelain broken pieces, lacquer, gilt, and so on, the "Royal Literature on Hue Royal Architecture" is admitted to be the valuable treasure that could be seen no where in the world. The "Wood block of Phuc Giang School" (also known as theTruong Luu Wood Block) contains the documents well carved on the wood with excellent calligraphy reflecting various values concerning culture, education, economy, society, interference among different families. The heritage has been preserved at Phuc Giang, a library of Nguyen Huy Family during 1758-1788.

The "Royal Literature on Hue Royal Architecture" with remarkable values was highly appreciated and totally accepted by members of  MOWCAP Bureau , to be inscribed on Asia/Pacific MOW register at 5.15 PM of  May 19, 2016. Just some minutes before, the "Wood block of Phuc Giang school" was also appreciated and accepted.  Apart from the 02 documentary heritages of Vietnam, the other 12 nominations (04 from China (including Macau),  01 from Korea, 01 from People's Republic of Korea, 01 from Uzbekistan, 01 from Japan, 01 from Iran, 01 from Myanmar, and 01 from Mongolia) were decided to be inscribed on Asia/Pacific MOW Register.


Hence, until now, Vietnam has 6 documentary heritages recognized by UNESCO namely Stone Stele Records of Royal Examinations of the Le and Mac Dynasties - MOW Asia/Pacific regional and International Registers (2010-2011), Woodblocks of Nguyen Dynasty – MOW International Register (2009), Woodblocks at Vinh Nghiem Pagoda, Bac Giang Province - MOW Asia/Pacific regional Register (2012), Imperial Records of Nguyen Dynasty - MOW Asia/Pacific regional Register (2014) and the two above new ones.

In other words, Thua Thien Hue is very happy to maintain the 3rd World Heritage besides the Complex of Hue Monuments and Nha Nhac-Vietnamese Court Music.

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