Ho Citadel Site Museum and UNESCO inaugurate “Our Common Heritage: Exploring World Heritage Sites of Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam” on 8 March 2013
Update: 08/03/2013 04:55:26
Under the UNESCO/Japanese Funds-in-Trust project “Revitalising World Heritage Site Museums for a Better Interpretation of Living Heritage Sites in Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam”, Ho Citadel Site Museum is inaugurating the sub-regional exhibition dedicated to the interconnections of the World Heritage Sites (Angkor, Preah Vihear, Vat Phou, My Son, Thang Long Citadel and Ho Citadel) on 8 March 2013. The Museum will also host related education programmes for the local youth community from June 2013.
Citadel of the Hồ Dynasty, Source:

In addition to the general themes developed by UNESCO and regional experts on “Nature and Myth” and “Trade and Exchange”, the Ho Citadel Site Museum has developed their own theme centred on the construction and socio-political history of the Citadel. By examining the construction techniques and the symbolism of the relics which feature heavily in folk stories and festivals which are celebrated to this day, the Citadel’s immense importance can be understood.

Besides, the education programme developed by the Ho Citadel Site Museum will be launched in June 2013 and ensure community participation by connecting the Museum with schools and families. It will introduce the Statement of Outstanding Universal Value of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Citadel of the Ho Dynasty, in addition to examining how the Citadel was built, by focusing on the methods, the quarry in which the stones were extracted and the carving of vestiges. All this will help participants to fully comprehend the magnitude of the Site in national and regional history.

Nam Giao (Source: UNESCO Office in Hanoi)
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