World Heritage Volunteers 2012 - Beyond Territories and Boundaries
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Living beyond territories and boundaries appears as one of mankind’s dream, and our common history abounds with travellers who tried to fulfil it. But now that we travel beyond territories and boundaries by plane or train, does it mean we are living beyond territories and boundaries?
World Heritage Volunteers 2012 © UNESCO/CCIVS

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, the World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) project aims more-than-ever at overcoming boundaries and territories, gathering youth volunteers all over the world around a single heritage. As the fragile future of World Heritage lies in the hand of youth, in the hand of those who, tomorrow, will be able to take care of it and “pass it on”, it is our duty to help them feel responsible for it, and be conscious of its outstanding value. This is what the Co-ordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) and the World Heritage Centre, who jointly launched this project in 2008, are looking for.

This year, WHV workcamps will be held in 40 world heritage sites and 25 countries, on all continents. The project will involve 33 youth organisations and some 700 volunteers who will cross borders, share their cultures, and unite to preserve natural sites, restore archaeological finds, and raise awareness amongst local communities about their heritage. Volunteers will act in various world heritage sites, from the endangered antique Chan Chan archaeological zone in Peru, to natural sites such as the tremendous Victoria Falls in Zambia, or even the Great Wall of China. To achieve such an ambitious goal and fittingly celebrate the 40th anniversary, young coordinators from all organisations will be trained and supported by heritage and youth experts, while young WHV reporters will travel from site to site to cover the 2012 campaign.

Through this project, we hope to foster peace amongst cultures, for our youth to hold the future of World Heritage with a firm hand.

The WHV2012 benefits from the support of the European Youth in Action Programme and Panasonic, Japan.

 Please find below the Official World Heritage Volunteers 2012 List and Project Descriptions:


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Source: UNESCO
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