Year 2012: Achievements in heritage conservation and restoration
Update: 15/01/2013 10:19:50
In 2012, thanks to the support of governmental, national and international organizations as well as of individuals, together with efforts of all members, HMCC has achieved lots of successes in despite of many economic difficulties. Heritage restoration activities have been professionally implemented under International Conventions on heritage conservation, Laws of Cultural Heritage and Regulations on the restoration of cultural historical heritage – famous landscapes and beauty spots, various basic stipulations in construction in order to keep the standard and authenticity of historic buildings. It can be said that 2012 was the “fruitful year” in the field of heritage restoration. It resulted in the fact that the areas of ruin in the Imperial City, Hue Citadel, temples and Nguyen royal tombs have been narrowed, the integrity and authenticity of Hue monument complex have been well perserved.
Ceremony for Inaugurating of Long An palace (Hue Royal Antiquities Museum)

In 2012, HMCC cooperated with the Institute of Building Technology and Science (Department of Construction), Institute of Heritage Conservation, Incorporated company of heritage restoration and Central Cultural Equipments (Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism) and some domestic and foreign consultative units to set up projects to preserve Thai Binh pavilion, Xien Vo Tu, Ho Quyen – Voi Re, Tho Ninh Residence, Ta Tra, Te Tuu House, Thieu Phuong garden, Ngo Mon, Tay Khuyet Dai Bastion, Noi Vu building, Six Ministry officies, Tang Tho pavilion…Based on achievements in 2012, HMCC plans to continue the restoration and conservation in 2013 at the corridor system in Hue Forbidden Purple City, Thai Binh Pavilion, Tho Ninh Residence (in the Citadel); 2B corridor, Dong Khuyet Bastion, Ta Tra (Dien Tho Residence), Quan Tuong Dai, Gia Thanh Temple (Gia Long tomb), Ta Tung Vien (Thieu Tri tomb), Luu Khiem lake (Tu Duc tomb) and Dong Khanh tomb.




In the period 2014-2015, new projects will be set up to restore Can Chanh Palace, Kien Trung Palace, Thieu Phuong royal garden, Co Ha garden, Thai mieu – Trieu mieu temples, Ta Tung Tu (The Mieu), Noi Vu Building, Ho Quyen – Voi Re, Tang Tho pavilion, Van Thanh – Vo Thanh, Ngo Mon and infrastructure system within the Hue monument complex.


Hopefully, in the coming years, HMCC and the Hue heritage continue to receive great appreciation from the governement, national and international community to preserve the World Heritage for future generations.

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